Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day -7/365


This is the blog for Pete aka 'Eskimonk'. This blog will focus almost entirely on monetary and vpp pursuits.

I'm intending to update each Tuesday, with at a minimum some basic stats. Stats in each weekly update:

VPP count/pace - this is my SNE chase stats, I need 1MM vpps this year.
$ poker - a combination of money made/lost at poker, and money gotten from poker rewards.
$ gambling - this will most likely be blank until AFL season. I am intending to probably paper trade to round 5 then if models look good make a push.
$ business - could possibly be blank all year. I have one reasonably decent concept I want to push, but need more capital behind me first.
$ 9-5ing - as I'm already pushing the boundaries of allowable time between university and work, I do intend to join the corporate world about mid-year.

Total $ made in 2011 - Self-explanatory.

My current plan is to start my SNE push very hard in Jan and Feb. After this point I will know more and will be able to make better decisions about other things, such as when I will be able to start working. I currently intend to move to Brisbane and find work there around May. If it comes to a point where I realise I won't be able to work and get SNE, then I'll make that decision at that time.

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