Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 298/365

Well, this is certainly my latest blog post of the year so far, I'll make an effort to get them done a bit earlier over the next couple of months but I guess I just prioritise this below playing and other life stuff.

The past week I guess I ran bad, finishing about 30 buyins below aiev, and getting over 50 buyins below aiev over the past couple of weeks (about $7k under expectation for the month). However, I managed to turn my aiev line around and have a positive week in aiev, and despite running so bad only actually dropped about $1k on the month so there is a lot to be happy about. I think in my plo career thus far I've gone from playing bad and running good, to playing bad and running bad, to now playing good and running bad. I guess all that's left now is playing good and running good, so I'm definitely looking forward to it. =)

My vpp gap (between actual and pace) is now closing and is at a point now where I really feel motivated to get it all back due to it being a more manageable size. I think the next few weeks will really be crucial but I'm excited that regardless of results the home straight is approaching, and am already making plans for next year.

Anyway, numbers:

VPP/Pace = 777,135 / 815,069

$Poker = $63,407

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 291/365

Had my first day off in ages on the weekend with a couple of pub crawls with a mate from Melbourne. Unfortunately I swung down pretty bad on Monday and Tuesday, probably not playing my best and a bit hungover.

I did still manage to run a little over pace, and win a little bit of money after rakeback though. I think 25k is probably beyond me as well for the months end, however I guess I will be ok if I can get within 30k.

VPP/Pace = 752,334 / 795,890

$Poker = $64,768

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 284/365

Well the past week was fun. I've decided it's probably the first week worth showing the graph off, so here it is:

I had those headaches come back so wasn't able to get ahead of pace by as much as I would have liked, but still there was some small progress, picking up about 500 points/day. Given I'm busy much of this weekend I think I'll set my goal for month's end at 25k vpps behind pace, which is still achievable and still should put me in a pretty good place.

Pokerwise I feel like I've made real progress and am now a redline winner over a longish sample of 100BB plo. Most of my losses are still coming in shortstack play, and while I can't be sure its not just variance, I feel it's probably worth giving short play a miss for a while.

Anyway, numbers:

VPP/Pace = 732,471 / 776,712

$Poker = $63,749

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 277/365

A week is a long time in poker. Countless times I have opened this blog this year, to put in my Tuesday entry, and have been absolutely blown away by looking at the prior post and thinking about how much things have changed since my last one. I guess it is one of the reasons I love this job; I can't sit still in life, the intense development, poker learning, bankroll swings and chaos make every day a new challenge and experience.

At the end of September I started to grow excited at the prospect of a new month. I had been a marginal winner in aiev for the past almost 100k hands, and felt like I was finally getting some confidence in my ploplo game. October 2 came (the first day of the month for me due to hem's timing issues), and I blasted out of the block with a $2k session. I ended up losing that all back later that day, but remained up a lot in aiev. The next day I shot 400plo and dropped another couple of k. Then on day 3 I basically broke even in aiev, but ran 12 bi under, and lost another $2400. I just felt like posting this as it's probably an extreme example of how plo can be. What's funny is that I'm actually making this post quite late on Wednesday, and today is my biggest of the year, by a decent margin (about +$5.2k so far), and now I'm pretty much back where I started and ready to start the October dream again tomorrow.

I'm not sure how much of this is rambly or interesting, but I do want to put a bit more effort in to my posts when I get a chance to as lately they have been mediocre at best.

In terms of the other important factor, vpp, I beasted out the early part of the week putting together a few 4k days, but then slacked off a bit later in the week with some 3k days. I ended up running 7k over pace and am now 47.5k behind. My goal right now still remains to get to 20k by the end of October, which requires just a little over 3.7k points/day. I have a mate coming up mid month for a day, but I still believe I can get there handily if I put the effort in. If I can get above that 20k mark at all, I will feel confident applying for jobs in November, so will also be doing some resume work this month.

Anyway, as always, the numbers:

$Poker = $58.568

VPP/Pace = 710,026 / 757,534