Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 207/365

So on the positive side I turned my losing streak around and managed to put together a winning week. I also sorted out my flat in Brisbane and have completed most of the stuff I need to do to move up there. I think my omaha game improved a lot also, with several tweaks and changes to things I was doing, and my aiev has turned around as well as my cash.

On the negative side however, doing all this other stuff and playing lower stakes has put me even further behind pace. I can't remember my last pace week and my pace gap is starting to get really worrying.

I just have to hope that when I actually get to Brisbane I get a solid internet connection, and can really just focus on playing a lot of good poker and getting healthier again for a couple of months. It would really suck to not make it to SNE given how hard I worked earlier in the year to put myself in the best possible position.

Anyway, the numbers:

VPP/Pace = 512,392 / 565,753

$Poker = $57,624

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 200/365

Another week of running terribly has caused me to move down and I'm struggling now to even make pace, never mind get ahead. My account has also run dangerously low at times due to my aggressive withdrawing last month. Also I have had distractions galore, with trying to organise things for my Brisbane move and doing a lot of social things as it may be the last time I see a lot of my friends in quite a while.

I guess I always knew a run like this was possible with plo and was really lucky to be able to play kind of blind to the realities of this game for June and the latter part of May. However, this is definitely giving me the opportunity to really retool my game and try to improve. I think right now I have several leaks in my game I am going to work on.

Things are kind of tough now I guess, but I am still really just one solid month away from getting back to pace so I still feel confident about my year in general. Hopefully I have a good week and am able to get things back on track.

Numbers below:

Vpp/Pace = 503,432 / 546,575

$Poker = $54,189

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 193/365

I know I don't talk much in this blog about stuff outside poker, but I'll just say that the past week was incredibly tough to get hands played in. I have had a lot to do with regards to my city move in early August, and I have already moved out of my apartment. I feel like I am in a good spot though to have a big week and start pushing towards getting back ahead of pace over the next couple of weeks so I'm pretty positive.

Needless to say I had a losing week and was massively behind pace though. I think a large part of this is the extra swings in PLO.

Anyway, numbers:

VPP/Pace = 485,601 / 527,397

$Poker = $55,358

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 186/365

So I guess the inevitable finally happened and I had a big losing week. Mostly due to dropping ~$5k in the last couple of days I finished the week -$3k. This actually makes it my first semi-decent losing week of the year too. May have to drop down in stakes soon as I've been withdrawing fairly aggressively lately.

I'm really keen to get playing again as I've spent all day just hungover and not doing much, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet.


Vpp/Pace = 474,730 / 508,219

$Poker = $56,255