Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 270/365

Ended up having ridiculously bad headaches for the first 3 days of last week and was unable to put in as much volume as I would have liked. I'm definitely realising I need to work a lot smarter, especially given October is absolutely my make or break month. I'm mixing in a lot more outdoor type things, and cutting down a lot on anything in front of a screen that isnt poker. My basic aim right now is to get to within 20k vpps of pace by the end of October. In order to do this I hope I can get as close to 50k by the end of this month as possible. I guess I can feel good that despite playing mostly 100plo and having 3 days in a row at or below pace I did run a couple of K above pace on the week overall.

On the plus side, this was my best week of the year in terms of $, at $6433. I've done a bit of bluefirepoker study as well as going through other people's hands and feel that my game has definitely moved ahead in leaps and bounds. Over my last 70k hands now I'm roughly breakeven in aiev which feels good.

Anyway, on with the numbers:

VPP/Pace = 683,698 / 738,356

$Poker = $62,252

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 263/365

I've run really badly over the past week and have had to move down to 100plo as a result. However, I'm finding it easier to put in hands at 100plo and am still doing well vs pace. I really hope my current runbad turns around soon, over the past two days alone I'm 25 buyins under ev and have probably had set under set or top two vs set about 50-100 times as well. I also had my biggest losing day of the year last Friday at about -$4.5k ($2.5k under aiev). Has not been much fun.

I will probably stay at 100plo for the rest of the month now, which means it will be harder to make serious inroads in to my pace numbers, but still possible. I ended up almost 8k over pace for the past week, and with 9 days to go if I can achieve 1k above pace per day I will end the month about 47k behind pace and in a really good position to get close to pace again by the end of October.

As always, the numbers:

VPP/Pace = 662,497 / 719,178

$Poker = $55,819

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 256/365

Internet fixed up late last week and I've managed to have a few days of solid internet which is enabling me to get above daily pace. I actually was 8k above pace for the past week. If I keep up this kind of effort I'll hopefully be back close to pace by the end of October.

I don't have much else to say right now, other than that the next month and a half I expect to be pretty monotonous and painful. Hopefully I'll run a bit better than I have lately and that will at least make it worthwhile.


VPP/Pace = 635,520 / 700,000

$Poker = $59,911

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 249/365

Another week without stable internet has me getting more and more frustrated and is creating a lot of negative energy in my life. Amazingly enough even with all the choppiness I've managed to be slightly ahead of pace over the past week. However, not by anywhere near enough, especially at this time in the year. I think starting at noon today I am just going to call this company every two hours and hopefully they will get sick of me enough to actually fix the problem. It still has me in shock that it's been almost a month now since I paid for the service and I still have nothing. I am dealing with a company that has a 0/4 record now on actually following through on promises, and a 0/7 record on understanding my name or the basic alphabet when I spell it (my name is Peter and I have never had such problems on the phone with any other company ever; I usually get Teter or Peper as how it's heard, one guy even wrote it as Peper and then when spelling it back to me started with "Ok I have P for Peter".... can't even make this stuff up). I know this is a bit of a rant but it's honestly just how I'm feeling right now.

I feel like in poker development the last week has been great though. I think partially due to experience, and partially due to running average/bad, I am finally now at that level where I can start to see the spots I need help in. My 'unknown unknowns' are rapidly becoming 'known unknowns' and I expect to go through rapid development over the next couple of weeks in my game. As soon as I have internet I will be getting bluefirepoker, and I have started contributing more in the SSPLO section on 2+2.

Anyway, I better start grinding, so the numbers:

VPP/Pace = 608,371 / 680,822

$Poker = $60,030