Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 249/365

Another week without stable internet has me getting more and more frustrated and is creating a lot of negative energy in my life. Amazingly enough even with all the choppiness I've managed to be slightly ahead of pace over the past week. However, not by anywhere near enough, especially at this time in the year. I think starting at noon today I am just going to call this company every two hours and hopefully they will get sick of me enough to actually fix the problem. It still has me in shock that it's been almost a month now since I paid for the service and I still have nothing. I am dealing with a company that has a 0/4 record now on actually following through on promises, and a 0/7 record on understanding my name or the basic alphabet when I spell it (my name is Peter and I have never had such problems on the phone with any other company ever; I usually get Teter or Peper as how it's heard, one guy even wrote it as Peper and then when spelling it back to me started with "Ok I have P for Peter".... can't even make this stuff up). I know this is a bit of a rant but it's honestly just how I'm feeling right now.

I feel like in poker development the last week has been great though. I think partially due to experience, and partially due to running average/bad, I am finally now at that level where I can start to see the spots I need help in. My 'unknown unknowns' are rapidly becoming 'known unknowns' and I expect to go through rapid development over the next couple of weeks in my game. As soon as I have internet I will be getting bluefirepoker, and I have started contributing more in the SSPLO section on 2+2.

Anyway, I better start grinding, so the numbers:

VPP/Pace = 608,371 / 680,822

$Poker = $60,030


  1. Sounds pretty poor on there end. Can't you go with another provider? Or it's a case of so far along that the only logical course is to see it through now?

    Just to clarify, Is Peper pronounced as Pepper or peeper?

    Hope it's resolved shortly, best of luck!

  2. Who's your provider? Check the whirlpool forums for your provider, often then have real reps there who can escalate things.

    Good luck with the grinding, I'm fairly certain I'm going to transition to PLO (3 years late) over the coming year now too.

    Run good...!

  3. Thanks guys but it all got resolved yesterday. I'm 100% back on the grind now!

  4. Awesome! Good to hear!

    I remember the fun I had getting the net set up first time, 8 weeks longer than promised (It was always promised as tomorrow!), 3 1k+ bribes, stealing another persons line, but luckily I did have another place I could play at the time!