Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Update?

I have recently had to change my blog to the new platform for blogger. I found I had quite a few hits, somewhere around 4.5k. I found this kind of shocking, though I know quite a lot are probably me I still wouldn't really have guesstimated a number over 500 or so. It got me thinking about whether it's worth still updating this now and then, even though my SNE chase is over. It doesn't really take long, so why not?

I've never really read any blogs, or interacted with the poker world at all outside of 2+2/Crown, but I do feel like I should definitely give a link back to the people that linked to mine (I can only see the top 10):

Thanks guys and gl at the tables!

Poker has taken a backseat this year, been enjoying myself a bit more and also focussing on other income sources (I should be launching something in the next 3 months, so I'll link if I do). However, I have still been hitting my 50k/month each month so far this year, which will allow me to retain SNE. I'm going travelling for a couple of weeks around Asia soon so am taking June of, and likely December as well. My game has been far more dynamic and experimental this year due to the luxury of not needing to grind as hard. Graphs for the last 2 months below:



Anyway I'll try to provide at least a couple more updates before year's end. I still might be going for SNE again next year in which case I'll update a fair bit again in 2013 (maybe each month or something).

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