Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81/365

A weak end to an otherwise good week has left March pretty much a joke. In total I've now dropped $7k since being up on the year two weeks ago. I know I've been very unlucky, but feel that I must be making mistakes at the tables as well.

I have one week left in March pretty much, and not only it is the last chance to salvage something, but its also a chance to get some momentum back going in to April. Given my poor run, for the next week I'm going to keep to the following rules, every time I break one I will record it and report back next week:

-No cashier refreshing midsession.
-Quitting games as soon as I feel tired or tilted.

Also, sportsbetting begins next week! I expected to begin this week but it seems lines are released earlier in round 1 so I'll wait for round 2 to start tracking.

VPP/Pace = 227,150 / 220,548

$Poker = $7691 ($16,956)

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