Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 242/365

Some days are seriously just cursed. Today a series of annoying events (internet issues, waiting for connections, back problems interrupting sleep) left me with no time to play, and then when I finally get on to play at last the pokerstars server decides to shutdown for maintenance. And so I record my first 0 vpp day in Brisbane.

The rest of the week had distractions as well and I actually lost some ground on my vpp pace for the week. I've also still not resolved my internet issues and am still tethering which makes it impossible to grind for much of the day. I've now been told there are problems with the cabling within this building to my flat and have no idea how long this will take to fix.

It's all very frustrating as I feel if I just could get a decent connection right now I would be able to snap make massive headway; and living in a first world country that really shouldn't be as difficult to achieve as it has been so far.

On the other hand there is no point in focussing on what I can't do anything about, so at least I've had a mini-break from poker and will be able to get a good night's sleep and can come out swinging tomorrow. September is almost upon us as well, and given that August was pretty much a write-off with not playing for half of it, I'm pretty excited to be able to attack the 9th month of the year. I'm also excited to be about to crack 600k vpps, I feel like that's a pretty important number as from here on in it's really approaching the final straight. Finally, with WCOOP right around the corner and with pokerstars promos for high volume players being a complete joke so far this year, I have to think something big is coming soon.

Anyway, on to the numbers:

VPP/Pace = 587,561 / 661,644

$Poker = $60,059

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