Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 284/365

Well the past week was fun. I've decided it's probably the first week worth showing the graph off, so here it is:

I had those headaches come back so wasn't able to get ahead of pace by as much as I would have liked, but still there was some small progress, picking up about 500 points/day. Given I'm busy much of this weekend I think I'll set my goal for month's end at 25k vpps behind pace, which is still achievable and still should put me in a pretty good place.

Pokerwise I feel like I've made real progress and am now a redline winner over a longish sample of 100BB plo. Most of my losses are still coming in shortstack play, and while I can't be sure its not just variance, I feel it's probably worth giving short play a miss for a while.

Anyway, numbers:

VPP/Pace = 732,471 / 776,712

$Poker = $63,749


  1. What do you think is causing the headaches?

    Brutal variance and kind of funny how to return to running at Ev at the end of it all.

    How many 30bb (SS) buy ins is that? I question whether it's even possible to win at SS below 1/2 as you're hitting the rake cap (without exceeding it) every time. Rake is brutal at these limits. But good for the Vpp's right? Crunch the numbers and if you can 20-24 table it might be worth it in $ per hour with negative winrate + SNE RB.

    When you say redline, you mean AIEV, not non SD winnings right?!

  2. Generally red line means non-showdown winnings right? I'm currently a reasonably big loser at non-showdown, although I'm trying to focus on how much you really have to fold sometimes, and trying to force that on other people. All this will be pretty passé to you though. Coach when when you're done haha!

  3. It appears the main reason for the headaches was a lack of exercise so I'm working out daily again now which has helped a lot. I still seem to cycle through headache periods though after ever couple of weeks above pace.

    Sorry guys redline for me is aiev, I dont spend much time looking at my non-SD winnings.

  4. Yeah, have to have balance mate, Poker is brutal on your body without it.

    Rly? No interest in Non SD? I would have thought it's a spot where people leak a ton of money.