Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 354/365

I didn't really get close to finishing in the end. Had a big losing day to start off the week and decided to just slow down my pace as I believe I can still afford it. Just 5.7k left now though, so still excited to finish.

Pokerwise I ran another 20 buyins under ev so I think I may come close to cracking a 150 buyins under aiev streak by year's end if I continue this current trend for the next couple of days. It definitely feels really good to be just losing virtually every all in hand regardless of equity and yet still keep my head together and play the next hand just as well. Testing and improving mental strength isn't an opportunity you get by running good, so in many ways I can be thankful for it, especially when it's only over relatively small amounts of money in the longterm.

I'm spending a lot of time thinking about what I want out of next year and how much I want poker to be a part of it. It looks likely I'll end up making ~$81.5k before finishing in 2011. On the one hand that's not a bad salary and it's hard to complain financially, but on the other hand I feel I'm sacrificing a lot to get it, and at my current age I'm not sure it's worth it. My other issue which is quite large is that next year my winrate in aiev has been really solid for my last 200k hands or so, and my reward for sne skyrockets in the second year as well; so if I don't go for it I'm potentially turning down a lot of money. I guess I'll make that decision over Christmas.

Anyway, for the second last time (for real), the numbers:

VPP/Pace = 994,324 / 968,493

$Poker = $81,046


  1. Nice work mate.

    Sorry to hear about the downswing, but I think you're spot on. It's only in times of difficulty that we seem to truly progress and strengthen that which needs strengthen or realize that which is of true importance. In that sense, losing is and can be so much more valuable than winning, although I doubt most view it similarly.

    So the big Q is 500K or 1-2Million vpps? Good luck deciding, it's not that you're in a position where you can :)

    I wish I could find the motivation to play a single hand of Poker lol.

  2. I will guarantee right now I will not play more than 1 million hands right now.

    Right now I'm leaning towards SNE for one more year, but I'm gonna think it over during the Christmas break.

  3. Congrats! Final update for 2011?

  4. One more will come when I get around to it =P