Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11/365

In a much better mood this week and with a lot more hands completed so I'll try a bit more with this entry.

So far things have been going well and I've gotten above pace. The first 10 days of the month I had a lot of stuff going on away from the tables but things have settled down now and the last couple of days I've really been able to start crushing pace. I've also found I'm getting more and more conditioned for long sessions; I've been working out/exercising a lot, finding balance with my mates, and have ordered special poker glasses (gunnars) to assist as well. Today and yesterday I hit my pace day number in a single session and feel fine.

The balance has also given me time to think and plan longer term goals a bit more. A short list of things I want to pursue/achieve this year (economic only):

-Two business ideas. One of which requires low capital and I could work on even now, the other which requires a lot of capital and won't be pursued until I have significant bank. Also smaller business opportunities that can be taken.
-Sportsbetting; in particular a specific betting system I want to try and think could work. AFL only this year as my style is very market intensive and difficult to replicate in other sports.
-Move to Brisbane, and find solid 9-5 work with a multinational company and excel there.

Results to come. One note on poker profit numbers. They are going to show up far below their actual value throughout the year as I will only be putting in the cash amount. Currently I have made over $4k including all my unclaimed/unclaimable bonuses made, but I'm only showing the actual current cash money made in my account. So things are definitely far better than they appear. I'll include a guesstimation of my total winnings next to my poker profit in brackets, but this will be slightly low as I'll be guessing at a 63% rb rate whereas my true rb rate will be ~67% (I don't know exactly, it will depend on games played).

I still feel like its too early in the year to be posting interesting graphs etc. End of the month I will probably do a very visual post. For now, the numbers...

Vpp/rate: 33347/28767
Poker: $577 ($4133)

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