Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18/365

So the past week was interesting. Had the biggest downswing of my career so far, losing a bit over $4k in a couple of days. I feel like I'll owe it to rustiness and overexcitement at wanting to put in a lot of volume and feel like I've tuned my game better now. I think it was masked early because I was playing terribly the first few days but running well enough for it not to show up... once I started running worse it really showed.

I've decided to start setting myself tasks to get started with other stuff and practice fitting these other things in to my life. By next week I want to achieve the following:

1. Full func spec developed for my first business, and contact a couple of people to look over it and try to determine feasibility.
2. Fully test my sports betting data collection system and ensure its ready.
3. Start evaluating the Brisbane job market.

VPP pace and profit so far below (remember its the number in brackets that shows an accurate amount). I'm not disappointed with how I'm going. Obviously $ won at the tables is lower than I would have expected, its hard to predict a $4k downswing haha, but pace isn't too bad given my absence early in the year. I feel like I have just a tiny bit of breathing space. Biggest challenge so far is definitely physical, I'm trying different positions to sit in etc and hopefully things will get better. Setting up the xpadder probably helped a decent amount too.

VPP/pace = 60,027 / 47,945

$Poker = $446 ($6346)

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