Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 102/365

Over the last week I've spent a fair bit of time working on my nlhe game. The limit games, particularly during the weekdays, really don't have enough players now to put in long days, so having another option, particularly for evening sessions is definitely good. So far I've spent some learning tax tuning my game, but I feel fairly comfortable at least breaking even at 100nl now playing ~20 tables of 6max. The benefits if I can move up are there too, as if I can put in 10k hand days (not that hard at 6max nl), and can play mostly 2/4 or 1/2, I could potentially see double or even triple pace days.

I've also been building up my vpp rate again, and whilst falling under pace for the week, the past two days have both been above pace. I'm looking forward to putting things in to practise and having a big volume week ahead, I still feel like I can get back above pace by the end of April.

Not much else to report, so the numbers:

VPP/Pace = 269,312 / 278,082

$Poker = $9185 ($22,888)

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