Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95/365

This week I've had somewhat decent results at the tables, but have had several distractions and have fallen behind pace. I feel like since my last downswing I've really reevaluated a lot of the things I have been doing and have been making fairly large changes, particularly in terms of game selection and mental freshness. Unfortunately it's difficult to go through such reevaluation periods during an SNE pursuit year, and my vpp rate has definitely suffered. It's also put me in a difficult position with regards to finding work midyear, as now everything will need to be pushed back.

I'm definitely fresh though now, with a reasonably new month, a solid gameplan, and 3 games I feel confident grinding in. I think in many ways April may be the defining month of this year for me. If I can get back solidly ahead of pace (say +10k) before the end of the month and can make a decent amount of cash I think I will be really set for the rest of the year. I'm not going to think about breaking any records this month, just 30 days of solid poker and grinding.

Football tracking is going well, however it is unfortunately taking up a fair bit of my time. I am enjoying it though so far. Given that I don't really want to go in to the details of what I'm doing I probably won't post much on this topic any more, until I make a decision on whether or not to go ahead or not. So likely not for the next 3 weeks. After that, assuming I do go ahead, I'll just provide profit/loss etc. as I do with poker now.

Now for my March and quarterly results. Before the year started if you had asked me where I would be at this stage I would never have really expected to be here. I guess a large part of me thought I wouldn't still be going for SNE, and another part of me expected me to be crushing it. Instead I'm kind of in that limbo-ish 7/10 region. I look at it positively though, as I feel I've built a strong foundation; the idea of making 750k vpps in 9 months is so much easier than the idea of making 1mm in 12.

March Graphs etc.

Honestly a lot of this month wasn't great, but there is no point crying over spilled milk and the last week  really made up a lot of the losses which was nice.

Final results including rb:

Final results no rakeback:

To further see why March was at times frustrating, I have put boxes around downswings that happened in a single day. It's funny that I don't think in my life I've had a month with more winning days than I did in March (probably somewhere around 25/31 or so), but the losing days were just so much bigger on average than my winning ones:

March in BB:

And, first quarter graphs:

First, all first quarter hands including rakeback:

No rakeback:

 And, in BB:

 And finally, the numbers as they currently stand:

VPP/Pace = 251,535 / 258,904
$Poker = $10,497 ($22,242)


  1. GL with SNE, i hope to be there one day =/

    keep it up!!!!


  2. What are the 3 games you feel confident grinding now?

  3. GoldGanesh - Thanks for the support and gl!

    Leon - FRLHE, LO8 and 6max NLHE which I have been playing a fair bit of lately.

  4. Cool, how are the games? I've played some CAP with okay results... I'm guessing you buy in for 40BB at the 40-100 games, at what BB do you leave the table?!

  5. Games arent bad, better at some times than others.

    I play 40BB, no reload, leave at 55BB.

  6. I hadn't realized you had a 4.5k downswing. Still awesome results, and have a 22k first quarter must be a nice feeling. Keep it up!