Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 116/365

So, as everyone knows a week and a half ago Black Friday happened. For me personally, the first thing it meant was I snap withdrew my roll due to rumors circulating that Stars would be forever closed down. This cost me 4 days of play and put me pretty solidly behind pace. The second and more important thing is that in the aftermath, FRLHE is dead and no longer a feasible option in pursuing SNE.

I have weighed up my options over the past couple of weeks while watching how the games change. Basically I have had to pick between PLO, SHLHE and SHNLHE. I picked PLO for a few reasons. First I'm finding it interesting, its a game I've never played before and I'm enjoying the challenge. I think it has the brightest future and the potential to be the next big thing, especially now that online poker will be primarily Eurocentric. Also, the vpp rates are great and it doesn't take much mental strain, at least so far.

Thus far I've been a marginal loser in aiev, but I think that will change over the coming weeks. Already I feel certain concepts are coming together.

I've also booked my flight to Brisbane on August 2nd. Working towards getting solidly ahead again by that date should inspire me.

Numbers below:

VPP/Pace = 293,042 / 316,438

$Poker = $23,931 (I'll work out the other number next tuesday)

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