Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 130/365

Well, Black Friday has changed a lot, but it seems that most of the changes are for the better for me, and things are working out well. Despite dropping about $1k yesterday, the past week has been my most profitable of the year, and was a week in which I was over pace.

One of the biggest differences is that I am now playing a lot of night sessions, usually finishing at 2am or later. This is because this is the new peak time for PLO games on stars. I am also starting to understand several things about this game and learning as I play, which is good. I will post a graph of my first 100k PLO hands as soon as I hit that number, currently I'm at about 70k I believe.

Regarding other stuff such as sportsbetting, I have decided to just stick everything on the backburner until I get back ahead of pace. Unfortunately this means I will almost certainly miss this years football season, but I feel that I got enough out of it in the few weeks I was tracking that once I have time to commit I will be able to do well in that area.

I have decided to just post my $Poker number at 63% rakeback from now on, and if I can be bothered I will work out the exact number at the end of the year.

VPP/Rate = 331,578 / 354,795

$Poker = $28,991

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