Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 137/365

The past week was definitely one I needed to have. I grinded pretty hard and came close to breakeven at the tables. I picked up 5k vpps and am now 18k behind pace instead of 23k. 

I think my blog posts are going to come on Wednesdays now rather than Tuesdays due to my new schedule. Last night I played til 4am.

I've adjusted my rakeback numbers. So far throughout the year I've kept my rakeback % at 63%, which was pretty close to correct when I was playing FRLHE. However, now that I'm playing PLO it's decently off. So what I've done is changed my rakeback % down to 58% which is more accurate right now. In actuality my rb now is probably about 59% and before it was probably 62% so overall it should even out. Long story short, what this means is this week was actually better than it appears, and the last two weeks were worse than they appear. 

Not much else to report, numbers below:

VPP/Rate = 355,692 / 373,973

$Poker = $30,771

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