Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 144/365

Had a pretty mediocre/bad week with not much to report. Still have quite a way to go in learning omaha. I'm just gonna keep this short and sweet and hopefully do a really good blog post next week for the end of the month.


VPP/pace = 370,901 / 393,151

$Poker = $31,894


  1. Hey, I'm looking forward to your thoughts on PLO. I'm a LHE player but am looking for a new game. What made you choose PLO over NLHE f.e.?

    GL with PLO

  2. i guess the main reason i picked it was the vpp rates are so much higher at equivalent stakes. the more i play it tho the more im loving the challenge, its great to basically be a noob with an entire plo world ahead of me. its keeping the grind fresh and making it much easier to put in hands.

    and thanks for the gl