Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 39/365

The past week has been good, in money, points, and mental growth. One thing I've realised about myself and achieving SNE is that I am not a stable person and I need to allow for that and use it as a strength rather than try to change myself and form rigid schedules. By this I don't mean that I'm emotional or anything like that, but rather that sometimes I feel ultra-motivated and other times I just wanna do anything but play/work. I'm learning that it's ok to have slack days even without reason, as long as when I feel pumped up I make full use of my energy and do a lot of work. For reference, my past week's daily vpp counts are: 3.4k, 1.8k, 4k, 500 (I went out this day), 1.1k, 4.5k and 3.8k. Whilst there is a lot of variance, I still roughly average pace days across the sample, and that's all that matters in making it.

Brief other updates: My business finally has a working name that I'm happy with, after about 6 months or so thinking about it almost daily. I'll post the name on here as soon as I've purchased the domains required. I've also got some software for design/prototyping so now I feel like I have a good plan for the next phase of development. My sportsbetting plans are being pushed back as unexpectedly numbers aren't available for the pre-season competition which means I'll have to wait til round 1 of the regular season.

As always, numbers below:

VPP/Pace = 114,378 / 105,480

$Poker = $2806 ($13,451)

One interesting thing about the numbers this week is that I have made about $4k in the past week, making it already my best week so far this year. However, the past two days I think I've about broken even, whereas the last day of December I crushed; so from the 30-37th day I believe I had about a $5.5k week... which is nice.


  1. Nice blog! Seriously good luck with your SNE pursuit.

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