Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 53/365

I guess on review the past week while often frustrating was fairly solid in terms of winnings. No real big winning or losing sessions, but a solid amount of hands and a decent amount of rakeback got the job done. Weeks like this one are really the bricks that build the house of sne I think.

A couple of people have mentioned that my mental state is interesting to talk about. I think like most sne grinders I have a pretty decent perspective on life which means I don't really sweat winning or losing at poker; at least as much as most other people. For me I think it comes from two things: the first is spending a decent amount of time in the 3rd world travelling and working which makes it impossible to take for granted the gifts I have been given in life, and the second is having a really strong knowledge of who I am and where I'm going which is why the phrase 'It's a marathon, not a sprint' has special meaning to me.  If I run bad and have bad downswings, the only thing I'm really thinking about is it means my goals will be reached a week or a month later than before, and that I have an opportunity to learn something and get stronger. The past few years have just been sooo amazing, and I know that from 2014 onwards they will be amazing again, if I can just sacrifice these few years and do the hard work needed.

Random winrate thoughts: In terms of my overall winrate, I obviously expected to do much better at the start of the year; although on the other hand I'm not sure I fully expected to have been able to put in as many hands as I did.  However, I feel that when I analyse things closer I think I am actually doing very well and am set for a good year. Currently at the tables (not including rakeback) I'm down about $1.6k. However, when I filter my results for just 3 handed and heads up play I'm down over $1k in that scenario. When I filter my results and remove T/20 I'm actually up about $1.3k. When I go another step and filter out the early hands which included rungood at the start of the year and a massive downswing in which I feel I played pretty bad and made several adjustments immediately following it, I'm actually up ~$3.7k.

Looking at the data like this gives me a fair bit of confidence that the next few months should be better than my first two. I feel like if I avoid spots where I'm a dog (such as shorthanded and solid higher stakes tables) as much as possible, and play my A-game as much as possible, a decent winrate is still possible this year.

Not much to report on the business front. Things moving along at a snails pace I guess.

Finally, as always, the numbers:

VPP/rate: 154,680 / 143,836

$Poker: $4147 ($14,656)

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