Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32/365

So the last week has just been unbelievably frustrating with regards to poker. Internet problems due to a dodgy firewall on a modem cut me out from playing for 3 days straight, destroying all my goals for January. It is hard to express the annoyance to push myself so hard and work my ass off to fly ahead of pace and get in great shape, then to just sit wasting time for 3 days playing with modem settings and talking to internet support people trying to get things fixed and watching pace gradually catch up. I'm sure there is a lesson to be learnt and hopefully I'll learn it in the coming days, but right now I've just got to use all my energy to refocus and start pushing out my pace gap again. I feel like I've lost my mojo too as today I had to push myself hard just to get a 2.9k day.

Anyway, in perspective January went ok. It was hard to really work out where I would be at this point prior to the year beginning because I couldnt even really be sure I could string together a week of pace days at the start of the year. I obviously didn't expect to be down in $$ after my first 138k hands but again, I couldnt really estimate anything. I think I've just gotta focus on getting better, fixing every leak, and working twice as hard in February and more importantly three times as hard in March. I still hold out faint hope for 200k vpps by the end of Feb, but realistically I won't complain with ~185-190k vpps with even a little profit.

I'm also going to make the next few blog posts more poker oriented, I will only post about non-gambling stuff when I have actually achieved something worth posting about.

Let's do some January graphs.

This is total profit including rakeback:

Not including rakeback (the green line in more depth):

And finally, my stats as they stand now:

VPPs: 95,248 / 86,301

$Poker: $1085 ($9656)

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