Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 151/365

So the past week I just ran ridiculously hot. I ended up making $5985. To put that in perspective, my top 5 weeks of the year so far have been $5985, $3897, $3795, $3210 and $2630. Definitely feels good. Managed to eat back in to pace a bit as well and am back down to ~18k vpps behind pace. It also means I ended up having a great month, and cracking $10k profit for the first time this year. I really need to up the ante in June tho and have a huge months in terms of hands and vpps as in July and onwards there will be too many distractions to make big vpp numbers.

I'm still not sure on my plo game. I feel I get better each day, but still am getting lost in a lot of spots. The majority of my winnings have just come from being over aiev. I'm definitely staying humble and realising that my results could just have easily gone the other way and a similar amount under aiev I wouldnt have anything to celebrate right now. Looking at the graph below which is filtering for just 100+BB PLO, I have actually been breakeven for the past 44k hands out of 46k.

I'm still waiting on my Hwang books, and will also be getting a bluefirepoker membership fairly soon. A great guy on 2+2 has also agreed to look over a section of hands for me, which is awesome.

My final May month profit ended up at $12002, which is pretty ridiculous.

I've decided to throw in my April results as well. I know it wasn't a grind month (the reason the hand # is so high is because a lot of the hands are nlhe), and I didn't play for a week, and learnt other games, but I feel like its nice to have it here for completeness. I ended up +$3953.

Anyway, everything non plo related has been pretty much stuck on the backburner totally as I feel like I really need to focus, put up good numbers, and get in to a good position for when I move to Brisbane in two months time. As always, numbers below.


VPP/Pace = 394,081 / 412,329

$Poker = $37,879

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