Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 312/365

Had rather a weak week vpp wise, mostly due to today, in which I wasn't able to play a lot due to needing to get my apartment ready for an inspection (and ended up 600 under pace). However I did manage to crack the 25k vpp behind pace mark which adds a lot of motivation. Knowing that I could get back ahead of pace with just 13 4.7k vpp days definitely makes me feel that I'm finally getting back on top of things. Right now I really desperately want to be done by Christmas Eve, but I'm aware of how tough that might be to actually achieve.

Poker wise I feel like I played really well for the first few days of the week and got back in the black in aiev, but then feel like I have been on my B or C game for the last couple of days, but managing to run above aiev to make up for it. The large amount of hands/day has also meant I've had less emotional control which is something I'll need to work on in the coming days as there is still a decent way to go. Funnily enough I just checked and this might have been my best week of the year in actual $ won, at almost $7k. I think my post would have been much more positive if it had been made on Sunday when I was really killing it on every front.

VPP/Pace = 827,943 / 853,425

$Poker = $69,100

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