Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 158/365

I continued to simply print money this week. I played significantly less hands than last week and yet almost achieved the same economic result. I ran a bit above aiev again tho, so am definitely very wary of keeping my head on straight and continuing to play my best poker, and think about staying steady in the inevitable downswing that is to come at some point. I do feel like with game selection I am at least a marginal winner in the games I'm playing tho.

In vpps, I ran just under pace for the week, but I had a lot of stuff going on, both things away from poker I needed to do, and social stuff, so I'm happy enough with the effort. If I can get within about 16k of pace in the next week I'll be on track I think, but I'm not going to set an exact goal.

One nice goal I achieved tonight was to get in to the black for the year in table money, somewhere I haven't been in a long time now. For a while I was trying to calculate my lossrate and work out how much I would be making based on it, but, at least for now, I don't have to think like that.

My only worry right now is coming from the mental and physical tax of playing omaha. It's very hard to stay focus and I feel the effects a lot more than holdem. I guess I will just see if I gradually adjust, or if I need to think about taking action.

Finally, the numbers:

Vpp/Pace = 413,034 / 431,507

$Poker = $43,571

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