Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 179/365

Another very disappointing vpp week. My sickness continued, had a fair bit on socially, and also had to start preparing for my move to Brisbane. One thing this involved was heading out to the suburbs to purchase a laptop, then bringing it back 3 days later because it was broken. I guess with the amount I have to do its hard to keep pace but I also feel like if I was feeling 100% I could make it all work and start getting back towards pace. I still feel confident I'll make SNE this year.

Anyway, not much to say and I'm keen to get playing today so I'll just post the numbers:

Vpp/Pace = 454,367 / 489,041

$Poker = $59,599


  1. how many hours/tables you play a "normal" day?

    Do you play with 100bb?

    gl chris

  2. I guess 4-6 would be normal.

    In plo, i played a few hands at the start as a shortstacker, but realised I was a losing player but a breakeven/winner deep, so now I play exclusively 100BB.

  3. when you switched over from LH did you started already at Midstakes? Because starting at PLO50 wouldn't have got you the VPP Numbers if you play 4-6 Tables, so you must have learned the game really fast, as you are doing fine already after a few hands on midstakes!

    gl !