Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 172/365

Vpp-wise I had such a frustrating week after getting to within 17k of pace last week. I managed to come down with a nasty cold and couldn't play for 3 and a half days while I was recovering. Luckily when I did play I ran superhot which is a term I can use to describe almost every week since switching to PLO.

I guess these things happen and you have to allow for them, which is why SNE chasing is always about making hay when the sun shines to prepare for such events. I also guess there is a good chance now I will be moving to Brisbane under pace as given all the other stuff I need to do in the next month its unlikely I will be able to catch up 28k vpps. I will give it my best shot tho.


Vpp/Pace = 441,895 / 469,863

$Poker = $55,101

1 comment:

  1. Sick heater or playing very well at PLO. Coach me?!