Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 165/365

It's funny, I dropped $3k at the tables over the past couple of days and was thinking about how in many ways it is a good thing because I need to stay humble and was due for the downswing. I also completely forgot about this blog and am just putting the numbers in now. Somehow I managed to have my biggest week of the year at $6469. Obviously if I hadn't played the past couple of days that number would be about $9k. Pretty ridiculous.

Not too much to say really. Picked up 1k vpps over pace the past week despite having two 1k vpp days. Got my Hwang Omaha books delivered finally and looking forward to going through them. Really hope I can run ok the next week, continue to improve, and pick up even more vpps and get closer to pace.

A couple of things are worrying me. One is how easy it is to run way under aiev in this game and that it hasn't really hit me yet. A $6k downswing at this point is still pretty scary and would have me moving down in stakes quickly making vpp grinding tougher.

Another more pressing thing is the current Australian climate. We unfortunately have certain factions of the current government that are trying to outlaw online poker in a similar way to America, and such an action would make things very messy. I can't imagine being in a worse situation than moving to Brisbane, getting a 6 month rental contract and a job, then finding out poker is outlawed and I have to leave. I'm strongly considering at this point just moving to Europe and grinding it out there knowing that my ability to play poker is safe. I'll think about it more over the next week and make a decision I guess.

Anyway, this is probably my most rambly post ever so I'll just end it now and post numbers:

Vpp/Pace = 433,220 / 450,685

$Poker = $50,040

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